Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Sandy" Bob Van Tassell Perfects the Mission Hills Final

The best kept secret in the California desert is out:
Bob Van Tassell has arrived. Jerry Stark knew it when
he nick-named Bob as the "Sandbagger" or "Sandy Bob"at
the US Open.

Bob has most recently exhibited his skill at the 2010
Mission Hills Classic; Saturday, March 6th, "Sandy Bob"
won the event with a "perfect game" according to
opponent and tournament director, Ben Rothman.

"There were no mistakes in that game" was a common
statement on the buzzing sideline. The game played out
in simple form:

After a short and boring Chernobyl, where Bob kept the
yellow ball out of the game; Bob eventually came in and
joined in corner one. Rothman, undefeated at this point,
took a cut rush to the attack from corner four. After a
few controlled boundary shots, the young pro sent Red
away towards hoop four while pass-rolling to position at
hoop two. The hoop was made and the leave was set when
Bob composed himself and hit a 55-foot roquet of a ball
that had only three feet to roll before going out of
bounds. The ball rolled and came to a rest with feet to

Van Tassell ran a crisp break with four balls around to
the peg and set a wonderful leave for his partner.
Facing the "Groom of Doom", Ben opted to corner rather
than shoot an 80-foot version of Bob's hit in.

The steady competitor took the second break to the end
and met outrageous applause from the crowd. After a
celebratory hug, the finalists compared notes and shook
hands of congratulations and commiseration. Bob's 26-3
win was his third championship in the desert this year.
Bob took the Pat Apple Bisque Tournament title in
January and the Scrambled Doubles victory in February.

The spectators soon recovered from their state of awe
and returned from the line at the Bloody Mary bar to
watch a tight battle between Club Officials, Jim Butts
(President) and Ron Hendry (Vice President) for third
place. After trading blows for 90 minutes, the board was
smeared with deadness and the players worse for wear. In
last turns each faced a daunting hoop shot for the lead.
With nine feet and a slight angle in front of him, Jim
missed the go ahead wicket. A hush fell as Ron
approached his severely angled and four foot long shot.
It was so quiet, you could hear a glass clink. And then
BANG! The ball sailed through and the game was won with
authority. Hendry yelled a jubilant "Hooo-wuh!" and the
crowd applauded as the chief hailed the victor.

1. Bob Van Tassell 1
2. Ben Rothman -3
3. Ron Hendry 0
4. Jim Butts -1
5. Horace Hayworth 0.5
5. Mike Taylor 1.5
5. Mike Orgill 0.5
5. Bill Martin 0
9. Janet Hamilton 2.5
9. Bob Chilton 0
9. Len Lyon 3.5
9. Bill Hamilton 3

1. Steve Mossbrook 5
2. Chris Christian 4.5
3. Bob Kays 4
4. Conrad Haas 5
5. Rich Schiller 4
5. Peter Bach 5
5. Donna Dixon 4
5. Russell Hanson 5
9. Alan Langley 4.5
9. Phyllis Butts 5

1. Marvin Salles 9
2. Dick Engebretson 9
3. Jonathan Andrews 6
4. Mary Rodeberg 6
5. Cindy Bagby 6
5. Marie Haas 6
5. Jean Engebretson 10
5. Toni Kemp 10
9. Judy Dahlstrom 6
9. Pat Apple 7
9. Karen Comeau 10
9. Carie Shapiro 11

1. Donna Dixon 4
2. Horace Hayworth 0.5
3. Bob Chilton 0
4. Bob Van Tassell 1
5. Rich Schiller 4
6. Mike Orgill 0.5
7. Mike Taylor 1.5
8. Bill Martin 0
9. Jim Butts -1
10. Ron Hendry 0.5
11. Arthur Bagby 0.5
12. Bill Hamilton 3

1. Peter Bach 5
2. Dick Engebretson 9
3. Marvin Salles 9
4. Marie Haas 6
5. Jonathan Andrews 6
6. Steve Mossbrook 5
7. Mary Rodeberg 6
8. Russell Hanson 5
9. Toni Kemp 10
10. Pat Apple 7
11. Judy Dahlstrom 6
12. Conrad Haas 5
13. Karen Christian 9
14. Phyllis Butts 5
15. Carie Shapiro 11
16. Alan Langley 4.5