Monday, November 29, 2010



An easy way to a good swing.

S. Stalk the Ball:

Walk behind the ball and stalk it like a HUNTER stalking its prey. The line-up begins here. Most of your accuracy comes from a taking a good look at the shot. Back up enough to get a better perspective. When you have the line, walk up to your ball at a normal pace with your normal walk.

H. Head Down:

Your ability to strike the ball well relies on watching the ball. Focus on hitting the ball, not on hitting the target. Make sure you are perfectly centered around the ball. Your mallet shaft should be pointing at your nose and the mallet should be in the center of your stance. When you swing, you need to keep your head down to watch the mallet swing through the center of the ball.

A. Aim and Adjust:

Once you are settled in position, start your practice swing. Use the natural pendulum to aim and adjust your stance to get the swing more precisely on target. Try not to make any major changes to your stance without re-stalking the shot.

F. Follow Through:

It is necessary for the mallet to strike through the ball and not slow down (too much) in order to hit the ball straight. This is true for most ball striking sports (golf, racquet sports, bat sports). Be sure to keep your head down until you are well into this follow through.

T. Take a Bow:

A job well done should be appreciated, even if you miss the target.

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