Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Butts scores the Three-peat victory in the 2011 Bob Riddell Golf Croquet Tournament.

40 players and dozens of spectators gathered to watch an exciting final for the Bob Riddell Golf Croquet Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club. After a 6-3 lead, Jim Butts held off a tremendous comeback from Aviv Katz, and made a tricky 30 degree jump shot at rover to win 7-5. Bob Van Tassell took Third place by defeating Ron Hendry, who's long hoop shots failed him on the final day.

Mike and Helen Orgill won the doubles making it two finals appearances in a row for Mike, with his partner of choice this time. Mike and Helen played marathon games and took down the astonishing newcomer Jim Okey and his clutch shooting partner Louann Evans. Louann has "the straightest shot in the entire tournament" according to Mike Orgill. The Orgills sealed the victory with a handshake at penultimate in a hard fought 7-4 battle.

Karen Comeau continued her hot streak and defeated Toni Kemp in the First Flight final 7-5. Karen took out number one seed David Cartwright and the incredible rookie sensation Jim Okey on her way to the top. Jean Engebretson took home yet another trophy defeating Jim Okey, who learned the game last December, in the game for third place.

The Second flight final posed a familiar question to married couples, “Is it better to be right or to be happy?” Given the choice, Mike Corrigan decided, “Winning, duh.” After a 10-0 streak, Brenda lost to her loving husband 7-3 in the final. Brenda had an amazing run but, like the 2007 Patriots, missed the big game. Former marathoner and recent birthday boy David Pollock finished in third at the tender age of 95, proving that one can be competitive at any stage of life.

Each winner enjoyed a unique hand-made trophy comprised of wire croquet players in various stages of a game on a green tile and a commemorative hat. Bob Riddell celebrated the victories of his good friends with merriment and the occasional stiff drink in another well attended golf croquet tournament in croquet heaven.

And the winners are...
Championship Flight:
1. Jim Butts
2. Aviv Katz
3. Bob Van Tassell
4. Ron Hendry
5. Leo Nikora
5. Nick Gray
5. Mike Orgill
5. Bob Kays
5. Bob Riddell
DNF Gordon Milse

First Flight:
1. Karen Comeau
2. Toni Kemp
3. Jean Engebretson
4. Jim Okey
5. David Cartwright
5. Pat Dugan
5. Paul Christy
5. Jerry Phillips
9. Bob Morford
9. Marylin Estenson
9. Bernie Rubien
DNF Welles Farago

Second Flight:
1. Mike Corrigan
2. Brenda Corrigan
3. David Pollock
4. Jerry Brault
5. Jerry Evans
5. Phil Arenson
5. John Pearson
5. Mary Brault
5. Jackie Ackerman
DNF Marc Clausen

1. Mike + Helen Orgill
2. Jom Okey + Louann Evans
3. Karen Comeau + Scott Smith
4. Bob Morford + Marylin Estenson
5. Bob Riddell + Elaine Kennedy
5. Kory + Betty Teoman
5. Rob + Susan Stiff
5. Nick Gray + Ruth Pollock
5. Pat Dugan + Bernie Rubien
DNF Welles Farago + Marc Clausen

Special Thanks to:

Bill Roche

Marge Okey

Aviv Katz

John Pearson

Nancy Deupree

Mick Greagsby

Judy Dahlstrom

Rob Stiff

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