Thursday, November 13, 2008

My First Post

And now I'm a blogger...

Photo courtesy of Adrian Wadley (c) 2008

I thought I should take this opportunity to welcome you (whoever you are) to my thoughts and diatribes which will be mainly focused on croquet. I have a few goals for this platform (or soapbox) from which I type: I hope to provide a way for my curious friends and family to follow me in my travels and tournament experiences. I would love to promote tournament croquet to new players or people who play in the backyard. Lastly, I want this to be a useful resource to current players who want to fine tune their game or learn about new venues and tournaments.

I'm not sure how to effectively organize this site so bear with me when I decide to scrap it and rebuild. Please feel free to email me questions or concerns or post comments to the entries.


Ron said...

Great start,Ben! We know you'll do well - we're your cheerleaders!

Linda and Ron

Adrian Wadley said...

Great start Ben - keep it up! How about a by-line and (c) on that photo eh?!

CroquetPro said...

Sorry Adrian, thanks again for the photos