Thursday, November 13, 2008

Video of Me Running a 3rd Turn Break

Thank you to Bob Kroeger for his handiwork in making this video. This was my second game against Leo McBride on Saturday of the Selection Eights at the National Croquet Center. I started the game, obviously, and put out the supershot (a ball 3-5 yards S or SW of the Peg and Leo shot just south of the 2nd corner (the idea being that if I miss in the second corner, he gets a double target, and if I hit I have a big roll shot to start the break) I hit the 13 yarder, and managed to get the break going with a ball swap. This is the perfect beginning of a game, despite the fact that I did not finish the game as well. I ran the break in the video to 4 back and set a conservative diagonal spread leave instead of the more aggressive 3 ducks leave. I failed to get the second break around, but I ended up winning the game 26-9.


Truenorth said...

So Dude, why didn't you organize your leave , so as to have your peelee the 3(4b) hoop pioneer??

CroquetPro said...

I figured he'd shoot into me and I'd have four balls anyway. I'm very comfortable leaving striker with partner and not used to setting the diagonal with partner and oppo with a nice rush and get striker to a nice position near the west boundary. It's something I'll have to try next time.